Trust & Safety

At Kamyuno we do our best to provide a safe and trust-worthy space for our users to do their business.  However, the onus to uphold the integrity of each listing and users profile lie with each individual user.  Kamyuno has set in place an integrity model known as the Karma Point System to help users hold each other accountable and uphold the integrity of the platform.  We encourage all of our users to actively participate in using this model as it will help to keep our online community honest and ethical.  Additionally, In our best attempt to provide users with a safe and honest platform we do provide several methods for users to verify their identity.  Although these methods are not necessary they are put in place to provide users the opportunity to be transparent about who they are and where they are from. We ask that our users maintain responsibility throughout the process of reaching and completing their individual agreements; including but not limited to the overall completion of all agreements listed under sharing, trading, renting or buying and selling, requiring the appropriate deposit for all rental agreements, meeting with other users in person, proper care and maintenance of rented items, and returning items on time.  By using this site users agree to acknowledge that Kamyuno is merely an online platform and not directly involved in the transaction between buyers, sellers, renters, traders or lenders and therefore cannot guarantee the true identity, age, and nationality of any user nor the completion of any and all user transactions.

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