karmapoint system

The Karmapoint system is designed to help provide our users with a more honest, transparent, integrity based platform to do business.  The way it works is through our end of transaction review system.   At the end of every transaction each user will have the opportunity to review the other user they agreed to a deal with.  

No matter what style of transaction you choose (i.e. share, trade, rent or sell) each user will be prompted for a review at the end of the transaction in which they will be able to review their counter part on three aspects (communication, efficiency, & integrity) on a scale of one to five stars with one star being the lowest or worst and five being the highest or best.  

At the end of the review process each user will be asked one final question, "Would you do business with this person again?"  The answer to this question alone determines whether the user will receive a, +1 Karmapoint, for an answer of 'Yes', or a -1 Karmapoint, for an answer of 'No".

All users begin with 'O' Karmapoints; that number will either go up or down based on user reviews.   In the event your Karma point level reaches -3 Karmapoints your account will be suspended.

Suspension: A suspended account will only have access to the 'sharing' portion of the site and only be able to complete deals that involve sharing your own items.  A suspended users account will not return to full access until their Karmapoint total returns to a total of '0'.  

Sharing: Sharing is the only transaction style in which a user has the opportunity to earn two Karmapoints in a single transaction; this is because 'sharing' an item will always yield a positive Karmapoint at the beginning of the transaction, however, if the user failed to deliver on a particular agreement that Karmapoint could still be taken away upon review or doubled for a second Karmapoint.

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