How it works


Sharing is free for all users. Users that share an item will automatically receive +1 Karma point. At the end of the transaction period users may review one another on the experience. PLEASE NOTE: If your account has fallen into suspension due to dropping to -3 Karma points; SHARING IS THE ONLY WAY TO REMOVE AN ACCOUNT FROM SUSPENSION. Any suspended account must return to a neutral status of '0 Karma points. Sharing is also the only way to earn more than one Karma point per transaction. Once an item is agreed to be shared the lending user will automatically receive +1 Karma point; at the end of the transaction this user may again receive another Karma point for a good review. However, users who receive a poor review may lose the original Karma point they earned at the beginning of a transaction.


Trading is free. Users that elect to trade must select another item from another user. Users may not trade for money and may not post any form of currency for trading. If a user does not have an item to trade a completion of the transaction will not be possible. At the end of the trade period users will be able to review one another.


Users may rent out any item that falls within the guidelines of Kamyuno for a period beginning with days, weeks or months. Any item rented out will be subject to a (6.5%) commission of the total rental price for the use of the platform. Users renting items are responsible for shipping and handling costs should such arrangements be necessary in the agreement. At the end of the rental period each user will have the opportunity to review the other.

Selling And Buying

Users may sell any item that falls within the guidelines of Kamyuno. All items sold will be subject to a (6.5%) commission of the total cost to be paid by the seller. Buyers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs in addition to the cost of the item in question. Users may review each other at the end of the transaction period.

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