Products and Listings

Anything LEGAL. If you can share, trade, rent or sell it you can list it! However, illegal items such as drugs or weaponry will be removed and the user will be banned.

Care and Usage

Should you receive a damaged or broken item upon arrival you should bring it to the attention of the user and the site immediately. We will always try to work with our users to ensure optimal service. However, we cannot guarantee a refund, but will work with both parties in finding a resolution.


Shipping may be chosen at the time of purchase. Should shipping be required the buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping in addition to the item purchased.


Billing will be charged at the time of purchase. Users may currently pay by way of major credit card.


Refunds must initially be requested from the user the item was purchased or rented from. Should each user agree upon a refund the matter will be considered settled and closed. If the users cannot agree upon a refund the case will be looked into by management for further mediation.


Sharing is simple. Items being "shared" are free of charge. However, should the item in question require shipping the borrowing party will be responsible for that cost. It is up to the discretion of the user lending as to who and when they choose to lend an item.
Because sharing is meant to benefit the community of users sharing is totally free of any charge by the site aside from shipping. Furthermore, users lending items will always yield a positive karma point for this transaction. However, standard review practices still apply.


Users can use the Kamyuno platform to agree to trade any item that complies with our rules and practices. Users are responsible for arranging the necessary shipping (if applicable). At the end of the transaction each user will have the opportunity to review the other user.


Users may choose to rent out any item that complies with the rules and practices of the site at any time. Items may range from anything as small as a text book to anything as large as farm equipment and beyond. Every item rented must have a beginning and ending date at which point the item must be returned.
Yes, Kamyuno charges each seller 6.5% of the total cost for every transaction. The buyer is not charged any fee.
Yes, we recommend that all of our users ask for a deposit on any items they are lending although it is not required.
Again, we highly encourage users to require a deposit that covers the cost of the item or possible damage to any property. Kamyuno will always try to work with our users to recover the costs, however, the site does not guarantee the recovery of any costs unless a deposit was placed.
Users lending items will also have the ability to place a late fee on any items lent. The cost of late fees will be automatically deducted from the borrowing users account on the declared incremental basis.
Kamyuno is not responsible for any physical damages to property or potential persons. Kamyuno is simply a platform which allows its users to reach private agreements. Additionally we recommend all of our users renting out items to require a signed copy of a non-liability waiver that protects them in the event of injury or death.


Buying is simple. Select the item you wish to purchase and click 'BUY NOW'. Complete the buying arrangements with the selling user and select your shipping requirements if necessary or arrange a pickup with the seller.
No. The site does not charge the buyer any additional fees.
Any item you buy should be tested out as soon as you receive it. If something is wrong with the item you have received you should let the seller and the site know right away. Some items may be able to be returned. Extra precaution can be taken by recording a video of the moment you open the box and take out the item you have bought; this will help to verify your claim.


All items sold require at least one picture and basic details about the item such as brand, year, make and or model as well as a price. Once an item is sold the site will collect a 6.5% commission on the item sold from the seller.
Anything that complies with the law.
Yes, 6.5% on the total cost paid by the seller.

Reviews and Karma Points

At the end of every transaction the site will prompt each user via email to leave a review of your experience with the other user. You will be able to review other users based on three pieces of criteria: communication, efficiency and integrity, for these traits you will be able to rate the other user one scale of one to five stars with one being the worst and five being the best.
The site will prompt you at the end of the transaction.
Karma points are gained or lost based on the final question of the review section which is "Would you do business with this person again?" If the answer to that is "Yes" then a +1 Karma point will be added if the answer to that question is "No" then a -1 Karma point will be subtracted. If your account drops to a total of -3 Karma points your account will fall into suspension.

Suspension and Termination

All accounts start with zero (0) Karma points. From there accounts may go up or down in Karma points based on reviews. If your account falls to negative three (-3) Karma points your account will fall into suspension at that point users will only be allowed to 'share' items with other users until that account returns to zero (0) Karma points.
In order to get your account back to full operational status you must get your account to return to zero (0) Karma points. Sharing is the only way to do this.
Yes, accounts that fall into suspension a more than once will be terminated. Furthermore, Kamyuno reserves the right to terminate any account that does not comply with the rules and practices laid out by the site or strategically manipulate users and or the structure of the platform.


We always encourage our users to meet in person in order to see the item in question first. However, users who choose to have items shipped do so at their own risk. If you do choose to ship recording the moment you open the box will help to verify any claim may make about receiving damaged goods.
If you choose to meet with someone in person we strongly recommend looking over their profile and communicating with them through either email or phone prior to meeting. Meeting in at a known or public location will help to ensure your safety.


Users may become verified through a variety of methods. Address verification, E-mail accounts, linkedin, and Facebok accounts with more than 250 friends are all acceptable methods.
Acceptable virtual forms of verification are: google+, Facebook or Linkedin. Acceptable physical forms of verification are: Driver's license, passport.

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