About Us

Kamyuno LLC. is a third party platform that allows users to reach private agreements between one another.  Whether you share, trade, rent, buy or sell our users safety is important to us.  We operate under the philosophy that transparency yields integrity.  Our goal is to create a community that gives users maximum flexibility in reaching a deal while providing insight to whom you are dealing with.

We believe in keeping it simple.  Kamyuno was built on the premise that peer-to-peer commerce should be easy. Remove the gimmicks and connect people to people!  Our focus is to connect like-minded individuals with a centralized interest.  In other words we want to connect communities with similar needs to one another.  Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, farmer, or film maker; everyone has needs.  Here at Kamyuno it is our STUFF that connects us.

Have something that someone needs?  Share it.  Want to get something in return for it?  Make a trade.  Need some cash? Sell it, or better yet, rent it out!  Its yours you can do what ever you want with it!

Over recent years we have seen this concept grow tremendously.  Home sharing.  Ride sharing.  Now, you can share just about anything.  Kamyuno is here to provide users with a safe, transparent platform where you can do just that. Whatever the case may be...

Share it. Trade it.  Rent it. Sell it.  Its Kamyuno.


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